The Originals – Heart Shaped Box Recap

I don’t normally do these that much anymore but I think I wanna start back up, if that is okay with you guys? I asked like I wasn’t going to continue typing anyway. So let me just get to it, if I go on and on, stop reading if you want. However, if I offend you? Then maybe I’m not your taste in a recapper… is that even a word recapper? It is now! The Originals Recap starts now… (I always wanted to say that!)

The Originals Logo

I don’t care what anyone says, I love Klaus and his way with law enforcement! Its like a breath of fresh air to see Klaus as well.. Klaus! And cue my favorite Mikaelson, Marcel. Yes he’s a Mikaelson, he was raised by them, blood doesn’t make you family, duh! However, as much as I love Marcel why doesn’t he just join the fun? I mean really? Embrace who you are.. be a Mikaelson then again I guess he is and of course Klaus always has to pick on his siblings and children as he just did with Freya and Marcel, poor Hope… I really hope that Marcel gives her daddy advice when she gets older.

Why does Davina answer to her? Davina missed the Strix memo where Marcel runs shit now? This including the witches, I’m assuming and I got a big question for everyone, how does Kol come back in that body if Jeremy fried him? Sorry.. I’m a fan of Kol 2.0 here.. Side note: Who’s hand is that?

Have I ever told any of you that I’m a fan of Hayley and Klaus? I am, I enjoy every moment they share together and this one didn’t disappoint for me. Klaus is quick to give Hayley advice when she needs it, he also gave her a task. Klaus again showed his affection for Cami and well I guess I like them too. Then of course Elijah messed up my moment because the ex girlfriend as everyone refers to her, took Freya. Who didn’t see that one coming? We all did it was in the promo!

Marcel finally speaks to Davina and gets her to help him and in return promises to and I quote, “I will help you, raise your pain in the ass boyfriend from the dead..” I will not go back on my question on how Kol comes back in that body. I’ll just stick with I’m excited for a Darcel scene. Yep that is my shipper name for them, yes I ship them. Go on judge me if you want.

“The Woman is insane..” How did you know? It couldn’t have been when she compelled Cami to slit her own throat, it had to be that she took Freya and left you a riddle to figure out like its a game Dr. Suess invented. I have grown very fond of Freya so I’m hoping the Ex-girlfriend dies soon.

“You haven’t been yourself lately…” I was waiting on a bitch to bust out a snickers bar here. However I didn’t get it, I wish I had cause now I’m hungry! “I am going to take your ass to school..” I can’t EVEN with this line, best line of the night and it was given by my girl Hayley! I already know what the school is but we’ll wait till I get down farther to tell you guys.

I’m glad they didn’t wait to jump into it, then again they couldn’t did you see all those graves? She is wearing on me, I think its time she died already don’t you? I mean come on who has that much time on their hands to dig a crap load of graves! Only to make Klaus dig them all up with that magical shovel he found in the woods. Oh like none of you thought it when you seen him with it. I got another question here, is Finn lighting up Freya’s coffin? Is he gonna help from inside that tiny stone? Lets keep watching and find out I don’t wanna give it all away you know.

I always get shocked on how the writers of The Originals surprise me and they did with that blood on the flowers, Finn did indeed come through even if I never really liked him. The camera angel that was used was amazing. I’m concerned that she wants to keep Elijah alive so Klaus can see his death. This is whats wrong with people, you wanna do a job just do it, don’t play and of course she’s gonna play and end up dead, Then again.. that works for me.

Again I was thrown off on the whole reason that she wanted to kill Elijah first, good thinking there young one, old one.. whatever. She was doing the one thing that Elijah and Klaus do for each other, protection. She wanted to end her brothers suffering and killing Elijah does that for him. Good plot twist! I’m not happy about this whole Strix thing and Davina right now, I’m also not happy that Kol gets treated like someone shit on their shoes. I’m not a huge Kol fan but he is an Original and maybe he should be shown some respect. #JustSaying

I should tell you when I write these I’m actually watching it as I do so. I put it on my DVR and I watch and rewind and type. I’m seriously on the edge of my office chair right now. I mean are you kidding me? Hayley? And the witches.. and Cami and oh my freaking god! I don’t even know what to say.. I do know what to say. #ICANTEVENRIGHTNOW (Sorry I’m a twitter whore.. I love my hashtags.) Then I gotta deal with Klaus and Elijah being shot? Julie..You’re killing me here girl!

Okay so I fell off my seat when she almost killed Marcel, I’m really growing tired of her too. Why are Klaus and Elijah’s ex’s causing me to have a heart attack? Oh and a busted ass from falling off this chair! I hope this also helps Elijah and Klaus’s relationship from here on out as well, since you know Klaus proved the always and forever and didn’t leave him.

Let me brief up this ending shall I, since I have long winded you all to death! Marcel what are you doing? I know he is trying but my god you stole his heart! WHY? And Davina.. why can’t you listen to Kol? He said don’t and you do. Then you got the crazy ex’s making a plan together, but the best one I think is the plan that Klaus, Freya and Elijah made “Kill them all.” Well as long as all doesn’t include Marcel. I’d also like a beer if Cami can spare one, a girl friendship, blossoming? Finally!



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